if you want to pick up the answer from a website to the ReadRFID program, than you have the following prerequisites:

The webserver script should respond to the program with a line containing

ANSWER, followed by a tab, followed by YES or NO (depending if the RFID tag is assumed correct, followed by a tab and then the information that you want to be displayed in the answer field. This can be anything (such as “welcome dear user, we hope you will enjoy your stay” or “buzz off, you nasty intruder!!”).

A positive example:

ANSWER\tYES\tYou are welcome\n

A negative example

ANSWER\tNO\tYou are not welcome\n

To retrieve an image of the user you should add an extra line to the answer, which should be


the Sample Code page shows you an example PHP script, using postgresql a the database, with a table that contains a first_name, last_name and a nfcuid field that contains the RFID uid.It assumes that you use php with the postgresql database.