Types of tags.

There are three types of tag frequencies:

  • 125 KHz tags, these are tags that you can see in environments like the Phidget Tag reader. Known examples are the Shell tag that Shell used for some time as a tank pass, and the ring-fob used in the Dutch Beeld-en Geluid Museum.
  • 13,56 MHz (HF) tags, used by the Oyster card in the London metro, and the OV-chipcard in the Netherlands, and in all kinds of environments that use identification (the public library in Amsterdam, the Dutch passport) The range is about 4 inches (10 cm max), and it is used a lot as NFC tag.
  • 860-960 MHz (UHF) tags, which are used when the distance to scan has to be bigger than 10 cm. There are tag readers that can read these UHF tags from 10 meters distance.

Apart from that, tags can contain all kinds of varieties of chips. Some of the type available:

  • The Mifare family of nfc chips of NXP and Infineon
  • The JCOP cards of IBM
  • The MPCOS of Gemplus
  • the Jewel tag of Innovision
  • The FeLicA tag of Sony