Which NFC/RFID readers are supported?

I do not know, to be frank. I had two NFC Readers, one from phidgets, that did a 128 KHz readout, and one from touchatag, that is a modified ACR122U102 unit. I assume all the readers that are reported in libnfc are supported, but I can not guarantee that.

If you want to make sure your NFC reader will work with the application, send a sample to me and I will try it and make sure that it will work if you.

Which tags are supported?

Same restrictions as with the readers: I have tested with MiFare UltraLight and Mifare Classic Tags, which worked. If you have tried another one, and it did work, please report to me.

Why do you use the Unique Code of the RFID tag, and not the information stored in the memory?

It was a pragmatic solution. I knew it would be the simplest way to support a whole lot of tags without getting into the intricacies of the different tags. If you want to make sure that the tag is unique, you should combine the information of the tag id with the information about the tag type to the backend database, and store the info over there too. At the moment I did not think it was a good idea.

If it is a requirement for your situation, let me know.

I am a producer of NFC readers, I want my device supported!

Please contact the libnfc guys for reader support, if it is not there, and supply the source code. Then contact me, and I will upgrade the libnfc library that I use in the application.

I have some specific requirements, can you build them in?

Please contact me, and I will see what I can do.

Why is the application so ridiculously expensive?

Because it is a small market. This is not a game app that a million users will try and forget about it afterwards. This app will require some regular attention for the year to come. To make sure that you will have that support is to provide sustainability for the developers.

As soon as I have become financially independent from the sales of this application, I will let you know, and set the application free.